Easy to use Functions

These are some of the practical easy to use functions of the I KNOW ME app

  • Symptoms Tracker & Reports

    Easily track all your or your family's symptoms using the I KNOW ME app on your mobile device. Report and share your health data more accurately in a medical appointment. Better data equals better outcomes for you and your family.

  • Medications Tracker & Reports

    Track all your or your family's medications, vaccines, allergies and other key medical information. Recall why you or your child were on particular medications. No more stress in medical appointments when asked what medication you or your family are on, or when you last took an antibiotic. Generate reports whenever you wish and share with whoever you choose.

  • Data Back Up & Restore

    Hassle free data backup so you never lose your medical history. If you do lose or change your device don't worry you can quickly and easily restore your data from your backup.

  • Appointments

    Keep track of your medical appointments and easily bring all your or your family's medical data with you to medical appointments. No paper or folders needed, all your data is available on your mobile device. No more worries about poor recall of symptoms and medications when in a medical appointment. With the I KNOW ME app you will know about you and your family's health record. Setup appointments with reminders. No more missed appointments.

  • Contacts

    Store and easily access all your healthcare professionals contact details.

  • Key Metrics

    Capture all your or your family's key CF related metrics when you choose. The I KNOW ME app enables you to generate reports on these metrics and see how they may have changed over time and track your health status.

  • Multiple Profile

    Manage all your family's profiles on the one app, switching between profiles is easy.

How It Works?

You have Full CONTROL

Self Manage Your Data

Backup your data to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account. You have full control of all of your data.

You have Full Control

Only share your data with who you choose.

Exclusive Design

Designed by CF patients, caregivers for CF patients and Educate4Health, healthcare communication specialists. The design is based on current CF medical appointment workflows, CF patient/caregiver experiences to help you record, track and recall your medical history empowering you to achieve the best outcome.

App Screenshots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only you or whoever you chose has access to your data.

Simply chose the 'backup to' method Dropbox or Google Drive and your data will be backedup to your choosen personal account.

Simply chose the 'restore backup from' the same option you chose to backup your data - Dropbox or Google Drive - your data will be restored to your device from your choosen personal account.

Yes in many areas (such as symptoms) you can generate reports, save as a pdf and eMail the PDF to your clinician.

Yes (instructions on how) - please input the instructions, may be use the End user Manual see observations in the respective eMail thread.

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